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Kezdőlap » We held the Debrecen Roadshow!

We held the Debrecen Roadshow!

    The #ISTANDFORSOMETHING campaign has reached another city

    On 30.09.2021, the County Student Forum was held in Debrecen, coordinated by the Köz-pont Youth Association, on the theme of value-creating social dialogue. They were looking for solutions to issues such as improving public life, developing and teaching the culture of debate, starting dialogue and engaging young people in becoming active citizens. More than 60 people attended the meeting, most of them young people aged between 25 and 30, whose development is a priority for society. The main topics of the forum were:

    – Making young people aware of how our society works

    – Developing communication skills in schools

    – Teaching critical thinking

    – Developing a culture of debate and its place in education and upbringing (optional clubs and workshops)

    – Promoting young people in politics

    – Consult county or city student and student councils in related forums and decision-makers at national or European level 

    – Launching competitions related to current affairs