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Kezdőlap » We founded a legal working group

We founded a legal working group

    In the current economic climate, it is particularly important that we are aware of our rights and obligations. In this respect, young workers are at a disadvantage due to their lack of experience.

    With the help of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), we have set up a working group to support young people. Led by one of the associates of the Oppenheim Law Firm, a group of young people will first determine the general status and situation of young people at workplaces, then they will develop a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with all the detailed answers. Lastly, they will develop a set of suggestions that can make it easier for young people to find work and that can also strengthen their positions in the labor market. They also aim to respond to direct inquiries. The members of the group all know from their own experience what challenges young people have to face as pregnant employees, in public administration, in business, as law students or as civilians.

    If you intend to join or have work-related difficulties, please contact us at