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Kezdőlap » We co-organised the CYF-Changemakers Youth Forum! – CYF

We co-organised the CYF-Changemakers Youth Forum! – CYF

    The main topic was the development of the future of youth, which was discussed in depth by the leaders of several associations.

    From 15 to 16 October 2021, the Magnet Community Centre hosted the Changemakers Youth Forum, a two-day series of events organised by youth associations, including the Youth Pact Association. Our Association’s President, István Kárász, as a roundtable discussion and workshop participant and leader, spoke and exchanged experiences with young leaders and participants about the situation, opportunities and future of the youth labour market. The #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign was an integral part of the conference, with presentations on several topics. The topic #ZeroWaste was discussed by Dr. Bálint Horváth, university lecturer, but also better education, gender equality and social equality. For participants, the event was a great opportunity to expand their international contacts and to meet and talk to people and organisations with similar visions for the future. 

    The Changemakers Youth Forum was organised by the GiLE Education Foundation, Pact4Youth, the Tomorrow Ifiúsági Alapítvány, the Association for International Students in Hungary, the International Diplomatic Student Association, the AIESEC Hungarian Association of Economics Students and the Simonyi Károly Szakkollégium.