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Kezdőlap » The trainee section of the Hungarian Pact4Youth is ready

The trainee section of the Hungarian Pact4Youth is ready

    The Hungarian Pact4Youth, entitled ” The Intern is value!”, was created in cooperation with corporate, government and civil society decision-makers. It aims to create quality and value-creating jobs.

    Our Spring 2020 proposal included age-related tax relief for the youth as one of the responses

    to the horizontal, quantitative problem of the crisis. Complementing this, our Association, in

    cooperation with corporate, governmental, youth policy and civil society decision-makers, has

    developed the Hungarian "Pact4youth- The intern is value!"- package of proposals and

    background material on the legal environment and quality of apprenticeships, with the aim of

    improving the country's medium and long-term competitiveness.

    With this package of proposals, we want to address the vertical problem that trainees are not

    seen as an opportunity by most industry operators, especially not as a partner, and as a result

    there is a shortage of quality internships and entry-level jobs in Hungary. This undermines the

    country's medium and long-term competitiveness by preventing the growth of added value

    that is key to catching up with advanced economies. Our recommendations aim to help unlock

    the value-creating and innovative potential of the youth, socialise them for work and put them

    on a more appropriate career path.

    The package of proposals is available at the link below:

    The summary of the Roundtable is available at the following link: