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Kezdőlap » Structural changes at Pact4Youth

Structural changes at Pact4Youth

    By now the duty of the organization and the round table had been identified.

    Pact4Youth was born out of a European initiative coordinated by the National Youth Council,

    but over time it has grown and we have become an association. However, this did not mean

    that the working group ceased to exist. It is now clear what the Association and what the

    Round Table work is.

    While the association was responsible for the creation and management of projects, the

    working group was responsible for the content, making proposals and preparing our position

    on the labour market. While István Kárász is the President of the Association, Lilla Nedeczky

    is the leader of the Task Force. This division guarantees a democratic and transparent

    allocation of our tasks.

    Our Working Group is composed of prominent professional, youth or labour market

    organisations in the country, while our Association is composed of prominent professionals in

    the country.