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Kezdőlap » Our Association organized a national executive-level round table discussion and workshop

Our Association organized a national executive-level round table discussion and workshop

    As part of the Internship2.0 Program, Pact4Youth organized a round table discussion and workshop with the title ’Is a trainee a value or a cost?’.

    Is a trainee or intern a value or a cost? We sought the answer to this question together with the leaders of the country’s most significant chambers of industry, NGOs, state secretariats and youth wings of political parties. In the current economic climate, where employers reduce capacity and costs, this issue is not that simple at all. However, we agreed with the attending organizations that every effort should be made to provide young people with quality entry-level jobs and traineeships, but for the realization of this, the active involvement of all segments is needed.

    Currently, the employment of a trainee, intern or apprentices means a significant amount in monetary terms if companies meet the 8 conditions of the Internship2.0 Program and thus provide a quality traineeship – with which they convey value on one hand and provide an opportunity to create value on the other hand. These workplaces are also educational centers, meaning that companies participating in the program also provide public services for a sustainable future. Summarizing what was said at the round table, we will develop the Hungarian Youth Pact, which we intend to extend to the ministerial level in order to establish sustainable social and economic development and ensure the employment of young people in the labor market.

    Participating organizations of our round table:

    • Association of Hungarian Travel Agencies

    • Venezuelan-Hungarian Association

    • Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    • Ministry of Justice

    • National KID Association

    • Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

    • National Youth Council

    • Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association, Danubius Hotels

    • Office of the National Assembly

    • Digital Welfare Nonprofit Ltd. / National Association of Doctoral Students

    • Prime Ministry

    • Oppenheim Legal LTD

    • Dutch Embassy

    • Youth Delegate to the United Nations

    • Ministry of Innovation and Technology

    • Jobbik Youth Section

    • TizenX (Momentum Youth Section)

    The round table was hosted by Európa Pont which is part of the Hungarian sub-offices of the European Parliament and the Commission. The Trainee2.0 Program is funded by the EU European Solidarity Corps tender.