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Kezdőlap » Karcag also joined the #STANDFORSOMETHING roadshow!

Karcag also joined the #STANDFORSOMETHING roadshow!

    With the help of the Köz-pont Association and the organisation of local student forums, Karcag has joined the #STANDFORSOMETHING rural roadshow, thus joining the unprecedented European panel discussion through the Future of Europe Conference.

    On 28.09.2021, the Municipal Students’ Forum organised an open group session in Karcag to gather ideas on sustainable agriculture. The ideas from the roadshow will be presented to the European Parliament in the framework of the Future of Europe Campaign. In Hungary, agriculture is clearly more strongly linked to rural areas, in contrast to the capital and its surroundings. Among the landscape units, the Great Plain (Alföld) should also be highlighted. For this reason, with a sustainability theme related to this area, we invited applications from rural cities to join the campaign with their valuable and relevant insights.

    Participants from 13 to 25 years old joined the programme and actively contributed to the discussion. The discussion focused on the following main points:

    – Avoiding the use of non-mandatory chemicals

    – Prioritising products available in the country, possibly reducing imported products, especially when not needed.

    – Increasing support for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises

    – Stopping overconsumption

    – Improving agricultural machinery