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Kezdőlap » European Youth Cards Association (EYCA)

European Youth Cards Association (EYCA)

    The European Youth Cards Association (EYCA) is one of the main international partners of the Pact4Youth roundtable.

    The European Youth Card Association (EYCA) is the organisation representing the rights and

    interests of European youth card holders. It is currently present in 28 countries with 38

    member organisations. Its Hungarian member organisation is the Education Office and its

    members are young people holding a Hungarian student card. The EYCA aims to improve the

    financial situation of youth, to promote mobility within Europe, to strengthen youth rights and

    to communicate their interests to the European Commission, the European Parliament, the

    Council of Europe, CSR Europe and other European partner institutions. National activities

    depend on the member organisation. Its members are NGOs, non-profit companies, social

    enterprises and governmental bodies. In terms of its national activities, the organisation is

    active in the organisation of youth benefits and the European integration of national youth

    organisations. It also helps to develop intercultural competences of domestic NGOs and

    application techniques for corporate social responsibility programmes. It is one of the Round

    Table's international strategic partners.