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Reskill your profile to land a dream job after the pandemic

    The pandemic scenario caught us all without a plan. From the biggest and more powerful governments and companies to us, young students or recent graduates trying to polish our CVs, or to get a dream-job, or to just move towards our places in the world. Things are, as one may say, upside-down. However, in our first instalment, we discussed the possibilities for rebranding ourselves and making the best of the situation. With that in mind, here are the remaining tips to improve your profile and land a dream job after the pandemic.

    1. Baby steps towards improvement

    Most likely, there is something that you need to learn or work on to be ahead in this coming post-pandemic landscape. Now you know exactly what it is, and with a bit of creativity, you have managed to find useful resources to tackle that need. It is time to work. Get the knowledge you’re lacking. Improve the skill you’re missing. Sign up for that online class. Google that Excel formula. YouTube this new market theory. Challenge yourself. If you can, find a colleague or a friend and learn together. Accountability, even if it’s not official, works wonders to avoid self-sabotage and laziness.

    Don’t try to overdo this process. Don’t take ten classes in one day and don’t even think about finishing an online course in less than a week. The learning process is more effective if you do it constantly and in tiny doses. In all stages, but in this one in particular, the most important thing is to just show up: even if you struggle, even if you don’t feel like it, even if you manage to convince yourself that this new skill or knowledge might not be that important, just show up. Consistency is much more valuable than intensity.

    4. Check (and improve) your social media persona

    Alright, so you’ve done it! You have prepared, you have learned, and you’re ready to step up your industry into the future. Then, why aren’t there hundreds of companies begging you to work with them? Well, it might be because they don’t know about your existence. The importance of a virtual presence is now more pressing than ever. Polish up your profile in job-searching engines, keep your skillset list up to date, and start promoting yourself with the companies of your interest.

    Additionally, be careful with your social media, and how you are presenting to the world. Keep in mind that recruiters will most likely search your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles just as rigorously as they check your carefully crafted LinkedIn profile. Be aware of your privacy settings and manage them accordingly.

    And, of course, keep your CV updated, and show off your skills. You need to provide at least a sample of what you know or what you can do. Recruiters typically can’t read minds, and it’d be a shame if you don’t get hired just because you couldn’t spare a couple of minutes to update your information online.

    As a final remark, keep in mind that consistency is key, and evolution, education, and growth are on-going, never-ending processes. Keeping your goals in mind is the very first step towards reaching them. The second, and most important step, is to show up one day at a time.


    Natalia Pitta Osses
    Project Manager at GiLE Foundation (– A strategic partner of Pact4Youth Hungary
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